• SEAMLESS CONTROL: Offering premium versions of components, including silence Hall sense triggers, and an ALPS joystick in omnidirectional high precision. The stick is enhanced by an adaptive calibration algorithm to resist drift, ensuring stable precise normative. The pleasant sharp push-feel Hall triggers are extremely durable, the Hall effect enables them to have high-accuracy linear output based on pressing, and have a smoother and longer button stroke.
  • WIDE USED: The AUROCE Asym1 PS4 controller is compatible with the PS4 console or even PS5 (Support PS4 Game Only), it is an alternative for the PS4 controller DualShock 4. Also wirelessly connects PS3, laptop, Android, and iOS. Wired connects the PC in X-INPUT. Four programmable buttons can be mapped to ✕/○/□/△/L1/L2/R1/R2. The turbo function can achieve one-click bursts. You can further develop your competitive skills and win faster than ever with this P-4 gamepad.
  • ERGONOMICS: Asymmetrical stick offset layout with a wrap-around rubber, it is more comfortable for high-frequency use of the left joystick and function keys, small or regular hands. Thanks to the gently curved surface and tapered space for a natural grip, fewer curls of fingers, and a larger support area for the palm and thumb. The solid build makes it thicker and heavier than the original PS4 DUALSHOCK controller, the added weight of 24 grams fits just right and gives more texture to the grip.
  • IMMERSIVE PLAYING: Using Type-C cable, the Wireless Pro controller takes about 3 hours to be fully charged. The built-in 800mAh battery can run for 7-8 hours and supports dual vibration motors for the rumble, a 3.5mm TRRS stereo headset jack with mic (No Built-in Speaker), 6-axis gyroscope sensors, and a cool backlight to work best. All this strong sensory feedback, and keep your gameplay vividly on point.
  • SUPPORTS: Self-service reset or calibration is highly recommended before first use, and is also supported in troubleshooting, please note that always avoid touching the stick when you do this. Beyond crafting reliability, we lead with a year warranty, and various channels to contact for more service extends like firmware upgrades(if applicable), use guide, free repair or replacement, and so on.

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Control ALPS ThumbPointer Stick / ALPS TACT Switch / HALL Magnetic Trigger / 8-Way D-Pad / Multi Touch Pad / Action Button
Experience Offset Thumbstick / Quite Triggers / Dual Vibration / Rubberized Grip / Sharp Push Press / 3D Backlight / Type C Charging
Experience Turbo Button / Button Mapping / Multi-players / 8 Hours Runtime / Durable Switch / Stereo Headset Jack / Share Button
Compatibility Bluetooth 5.0 Connection / PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim / PC (Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10) / Android / IOS / Upgrade Support




First Use:

It is highly recommended to read the instructions. Furthermore, AUROCE Support is in service,

get more guides or test tools for the controller for the first use. If there is a problem with stick drift,

re-mapping, or sensor calibrating, you can also help yourself reset as follows.

Required when resetting:

Lay the controller horizontally on a flat surface without holding it in hand.

Follow the steps:

1. Press and hold “x” and “□” at the same time.

2. Press and hold the “PS”, RGB lights will flash.

3. Holding for 5 seconds, the light goes out, release the button.




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