What is Mappable Rear Button?

A mappable rear button refers to a feature found on certain gaming controllers, typically on the backside or rear of the controller. These buttons can be programmed or mapped to perform specific functions or replicate inputs that are traditionally assigned to other buttons on the controller.

The purpose of mappable rear buttons is to provide additional customization options and convenience for gamers. By allowing users to assign specific commands or actions to these buttons, they can have quick access to certain functions without needing to move their fingers away from the primary buttons on the front of the controller.

How To Setup AUROCE Rear Button?

1. Power on your PS and PC.

2. Press and hold the ‘Profile’ button for 3 seconds. The ‘PS’ button will start rapidly flashing.

3. Press the ‘M1/M2’ button. The ‘PS’ button will start slowly flashing.

4. Press one or a combination of buttons.

5. Then press the ‘Profile’ button.Mapping is now enabled. To clear the setting, repeat above steps.